Are you thinking that it’s time to replace your roof? If so, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed. After all, it can be as critical as it is costly.

Fortunately, there are several helpful hints to know before reroofing your house. We’re here to break them down for you.

Find the Right Roofer

Some roofers neglect the customer service part of replacing a roof. Since it may only happen once every few decades, they may not see the point in building a strong rapport and trusting relationship.

Furthermore, many roofers undercut their customers by trying to be “the cheapest.” Often, this is a translation for shoddy work!

A reputable roofer will answer all your questions about reroofing. He will be patient and considerate of your needs.

Even if it’s not the lowest price in town, reputable roofers know their market value, and they know how to also work with their customer’s needs. And that’s something worth paying for.

Read all Paperwork

There can be a lot of money and liability that goes into a reroofing job. Save yourself the stress and hassle by checking the following documents:

  • Building permit (if your city requires it)
  • Insurance and liability form
  • Written contract with collaborated details and costs

Make sure that you ask your roofer if you have any questions before signing.

Learn the Materials

Just like with other home remodeling projects, new roofing materials emerge all the time.

There are traditional, asphalt shingles, but there are many other options such as metal, wood, and slate.

Each type comes with its pros and cons. Costs can also vary wildly depending on the material.

Think about the Color

You already know that color is essential for emotions and temperaments. Color also applies to home remodels as well. Shingles come in a large assortment of colors, and it’s crucial for you to think about what will look best for your home.

Ideally, you want the colors to complement your stone, brick, or stucco siding on your home.

As a general rule of thumb: beige or brown homes look great with driftwood or weathered gray shingles. White houses, on the other hand, do well with gray, charcoal, or even black shingles.

Prepare for Noise

There’s no easy way around this: replacing a roof can be very loud. The noise comes from all the scraping off old shingles and hammering and installing new ones.

You may need to temporarily stay at someone else’s home or make accommodations if you’re sensitive to loud sounds.

Final Thoughts on Reroofing

While you may not necessarily be excited about getting a new roof, it’s often essential for the value and safety of your home.

If you’re in the Arlington Heights surrounding area and you’re interested in finding the right pro for your job, be sure to contact us today! We provide free estimates for all our customers.