3 Tips for Making Your Roof Last Longer in Bloomingdale, IL

Your home in Bloomingdale, IL offers you a warm and protective shelter for you and your loved ones as fall arrives. However, being a homeowner brings certain responsibilities that you have to deal with, for instance, roof problems. Here are some guidelines to help ensure your home’s roof will last longer.

The Key Lies in Your Maintenance Schedule

Your roof, like other crucial components of your household, requires proper maintenance from time to time. Our experts recommend that you carry out a roof maintenance routine (including roof inspections) at least two times each year or as the fall or spring season starts. Your roof is in constant exposure to sunlight and rain, which leaves it susceptible to damage.

Do Not Use Chemical-Based Washing Products

One problem associated with DIY roof cleaning is the use of products concentrated with chemicals. Sprays may contain harmful content that may damage your roof coating, exposing it to more dangers. It is also a sure way to void your warranty.

The best thing to do is hire professional help for cleaning. Roof experts have pieces of equipment for maximum and harm-free roof cleaning.

Avoid Potential Roof Problems Caused By Ice Dams

During the winter and fall seasons, your roof is susceptible to damage due to rainy and snowy weather conditions. To increase the durability of your roof, it’s best to clear out any ice buildup on the top as soon as possible. However, some ice may have coated your roof, and forcefully scraping it off may cause damage.

For your safety, clear off the ice from a distance and while on the ground when possible. Remember, ice buildup on the roof can easily shift to an ice dam due to leaks or poor insulation.

The key to avoiding roof problems and having them long-lasting is maintenance and proper care through weather changes. Contact the Bloomingdale roofing experts at Davis Roofing Companies for all your roof replacement and maintenance needs.

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