3 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Cooler Weather In Darien, IL

The winter months are inching in closer! As such, it’s important to begin considering your roof’s preparation for the colder temperatures of Darien, IL. Your home’s roof is the main thing protecting you and your family from the elements, so definitely do not ignore getting it prepped. Here are some tips from our Darien roofing team for getting that roof set for the season.

1. Clear Out Your Gutters

Gutters lead the rainwater and melted snow away from your roof. If a clog impedes this process, you could be looking at major issues. These issues include water pooling, roof leaks, and water damage.

During the winter, clogged gutters can be a major problem. Clearing out your gutters of any debris, twigs, leaves, and branches just before winter can go a long way toward preventing these issues.

2. Trim Your Trees

The trees around your house could be a factor in debris collecting on your roof, leading to the problems stated above. Branches that hang over your house could minimize the benefits of the work you put in clearing out your gutters by continually adding more leaves and twigs to the mess.

Dead trees and branches are also susceptible to stormy weather and could fall and pose a threat to your safety while also damaging the home. For these reasons, it’s smart to trim all trees so that no branches are hanging over your residence.

3. Handle Any Needed Patchwork

The winter isn’t the best time to be worrying about a roof replacement or repair to any loose shingles. For safety, be sure to have any patchwork done on your roof ahead of the winter.

It’s always a good idea to have a professional look at your roof. If you want to get your roof ready for winter or are in need of a roof repair in Darien, don’t hesitate to reach out to Davis Roofing & Construction.

Image provided by iStock