5 Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection in Addison, IL

Your roof is one of the most important structures of your home in Addison, IL. Unfortunately, you ignore your roof until there’s a major problem and substantial damage. Here are five benefits of having an annual professional roof inspection near Addison.

1. Detect Small Problems Early

Like most things in your home, there are subtle signs your roof is having problems. When you catch these problems early, you can prevent more substantial problems down the road. With an annual inspection, a professionally trained set of eyes will detect these problems before they balloon.

2. Improve Your Roof’s Viable Life

Most asphalt shingle roofs will last somewhere between 15 and 25 years, depending on several environmental factors. When your roof has small almost imperceptible faults, that life span begins shortening. A professional roof inspection near Addison allows you to take care of those small faults, extending its viable life possibly beyond that average.

3. Minimize Repair Costs

Small repairs are always less expensive than major repairs or roof replacements in Addison. When you find small problems, you may need to replace a few shingles, do some patchwork, or replace caulking. These minor tasks are much less expensive than replacing a roof due to substantial damage from leaks.

4. Prevent Additional Home Damage

Water follows the path of least resistance and will continue flowing down until it hits a hard stop. This means that when your roof leaks, everything under the leak is susceptible to water damage. This leads to swollen wallboard and paint along with possible electrical hazards.

5. Makes Insurance Claims Easier

Many insurance companies will cover some damage to roofs but filing that claim can be a hassle. With an annual roof inspection, you have a record of the previous condition of the roof. You also have a full report on the damage and repairs necessary along with a quote for those repairs.

Give your home the best protection with a roof you know is reliable. Call Davis Roofing & Construction to schedule your annual roof inspection today.

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