Have You Been Dealing with Leaks in Your Home’s Roofing?

A roof leak in your Arlington Heights, IL home can be a serious cause for concern. If you have one spot repaired only to have another leak appear a short time later, you likely have a significant problem. Read on to learn about some common causes of roof leaks and to find out when reaching out to an Arlington Heights roofing company for a replacement is a cost-effective option.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Strong storms are some of the most common causes of roof leaks. Gusty winds, a torrential downpour, and especially tornado-like conditions can damage the flashing or lift shingles off your roof. Hailstorms can easily cause considerable roof damage all on their own. The accumulation of ice or snow can allow water to get under your shingles and facilitate a leak.

Such accumulation can potentially even cause the roof to collapse in extreme cases. An aging roof, clogged gutters or downspouts, defective flashing, missing shingles, and holes in the roof’s underlayment could also be to blame. Deterioration from direct sunlight may contribute to leaks on the parts of your roof that get the most sun.

Signs You Need a Roofing Replacement

It’s critical to have qualified professionals check out any leaks in your home’s roof. What appears to be s small issue may actually be a serious problem with your roof. An aging roof that leaks will almost certainly need replacement. Holes, rotted wood, saturated joists, and insect damage can often be extensive enough to necessitate a roofing replacement.

If the nails have started coming out or the shingles have bubbled, cracked, or lifted, you probably need a new roof. A sagging roof should always be replaced as soon as possible.

When to Consider a Repair

A small roof leak in a localized area of your home may benefit from a repair. A good example would be if your roof is only a few years old and a piece of flashing has gotten loose, causing a leak. In this case, repairing the flashing may be an acceptable solution. Alternatively, if a storm has blown a few shingles off your roof, replacing them might be enough to help restore your roof’s integrity.

If you’ve been dealing with roof leaks, contact Davis Roofing & Construction today. We are a top-rated Arlington Heights roofing company with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. We’ll help you to better understand your options, figure out the best solution, and deliver lasting results.