Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover a Roof Replacement?

Even our roofs are not immune to disasters. All too frequently, homeowners foot the bill for roof repair or replacement work. However, it is possible to save money following unexpected roof damage brought on by storms, falling trees, and other unplanned. To achieve this, you will need to figure out how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof.

It’s not as simple as it sounds to get your insurance carrier to pay for a complete roof replacement. Most property insurance providers have a series of procedures that customers must follow, starting with roof insurance claims. Sadly, if you don’t already understand your policy or how homeowner’s insurance operates, the procedure may be confusing, time-consuming, and difficult to manage. Davis Roofing &Construction is happy to help! Here are six key steps to follow to achieve coverage for your roof replacement with your homeowners insurance.

Review Your Policy

Be sure you have roofing damage coverage prior to actually filing a claim. Not all homeowners insurance policies cover roofing related services. Your agent can provide you with a copy of your insurance via email or standard mail if you require one.

Payments for repairs or replacements are typically included in policies with roof coverage. Keep in ming though that  even if your insurance covers roofing expenses, it may only pay a portion. Homeowners who have replacement coverage can use their insurance to cover the cost of a new roof. You must have a roof that is damaged beyond repair in order to qualify for this coverage.

Document the Damage for Proof

Document the damage by taking several pictures before you submit a roofing claim. Pictures will need to be take on the outside as well as the inside indications any damage you may have. Use a ladder if you can to gather the closest pictures of the roof damage. To get the best images of the roof, consider into utilizing a drone camera as well. An Arlington Heights roofing company can help you with the photos.  An estimate for a roof repair or replacing your roof can also be provided.

In addition to taking pictures of the roof, record the date and time of the damage. Notify your insurance provider what happened so they understand that you’re not just attempting to repair an outdated roof. Locate any newspaper articles or local media coverage for the severe weather that occurred in your area.

In order to illustrate where a tree fell if it caused damage to your roof, you should take multiple photos of the tree from the ground. Display the roof damage as well as the damage to the tree.

Hire a Professional Roof Inspector

A detailed inspection report along with an estimate for the roof replacement will be necessary prior to your insurance provider authorizing your claim. An experienced Bloomingdale roofing company can evaluate the roof and provide a full report to the insurance provider.

Without an examination by a roofing professional, your homeowner’s insurance carrier can decline to pay for your claim. The cost of the examination may therefore end up being a long-term financial benefit.

Communicate Regularly With Your Insurance Agent

You should receive assistance from your insurance agent while you submit a claim. Send your agent pictures, estimates, and any additional documentation as you move forward. The next step is for your agent to explain what more may be required for the insurer to accept your claim.

Each insurance company follows a specific process, especially when taking your home’s location into account. Your agent will assist you in starting the project as soon as your insurance claim is authorized. The agent frequently coordinates the timing of the repairs and the release of funds with the roofing professional.

Beware Of Scammers!

When storms hit a neighborhood, insurance grifters often find victims who want an affordable roofing company for fast repairs. Sadly, the scammers make huge promises, rob people of a lot of money, and then disappear as quickly as they can. Before hiring anyone or making any upfront deposit, homeowners should do their due diligence. This is especially true since these scammers know how to appear official.

Scammers knock on doors in search of homes who have experienced serious damage. They make promises about repairs, but they only talk the talk. Check the business’s licensing status before signing any documents,. Additionally, request for references from happy customers, such as reviews on Google and other reputable websites.

Choose a Trusted and Reasonably Priced Local Roofing Contractor

Your homeowner’s insurance provider will request to examine quotes from nearby roofing professionals. The Arlington Heights roofing contractor will be required to provide quotes for the replacement or repair/s using a range of materials, including the original and other alternatives.

The roofing company should have a solid history of providing outstanding work in the past.. The insurance provider may reject the claim if the contractor charges excessive fees or does subpar work. It’s possible that your insurance provider might recommend local roofers who have an excellent track record.

Call the professionals at Davis Roofing when the time comes for you to receive a comprehensive roof inspection. Our hassle-free approach guarantees that we take responsibility for each phase along of the process: from our initial inspection of the storm damage to our meeting with the insurance adjuster to getting your roof restored. So get started by getting in touch with us today, and make sure to ask us about our interest free roof replacement services!