3 Signs That You Need a New Roof in Naperville, IL

Sometimes, your old and torn roof can suddenly reach the end of its lifespan without experiencing a roof failure. However, if you delay replacing it, it could lead to more extensive and expensive problems down the road. Here are three telltale signs that it’s time to install a new roof with a Naperville roofing company.

1. Curling and Missing Shingles

Over time, your shingles can start to curl and break due to wear and tear caused by moisture and heat. Other factors such as poor attic ventilation and shingle double layering can also lead to curling shingles.

Missing shingles often occur due to thunder, strong winds, and lightning storms. They allow water to penetrate the roof layers beneath, resulting in rot. If you notice curling and missing shingles, call in a roofing expert right away.

2. Roof Leaks

A leaking roof can result in various problems down the road, including water stains on the ceiling and interior walls. You may also notice swellings in woodwork and paint peeling or blistering.

These damages are more than just cosmetic; they indicate a severe leak that needs immediate attention. So, call in an expert for a roof inspection to determine whether you need to repair your shingles or replace your entire roof.

3. Moss

Another important sign that it’s time to get a new roof is when you start seeing moss on or between your shingles. Although moss naturally grows on shingles, especially if you reside in a shaded or moist climate, it could hint at hidden damage.

The main concern with moss is that during rainfall, the moss absorbs water and holds onto it. Shingles play a pivotal role in allowing water to roll off your roof and flow into the gutters. But when moss is present, it prevents the water from moving, causing the shingles to break down.

This can also cause the water to seep into the layers on your roof, resulting in water damage. Therefore, if you see moss, contact a roofing contractor and schedule a professional roof replacement service.

Whether you want to protect your existing roof or replace it with a new one, our licensed and certified technicians can help. Contact Davis Roofing & Construction, a Naperville roofing company, today to learn more about our top-notch roof installation services.

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