When Is The Best Time To Do A Residential Roof Replacement?

Over time, every home’s roof will need to be replaced.  If you can plan for your roof replacement work, how do you know what is the best time?  Each season, and each region of the country has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll look at a Northbrook, IL roofing replacement, to understand the challenges and benefits of the upper Midwest.


Typically, homeowner may find it challenging to have a roof replaced in the winter.  Cold temps can make materials brittle, labor less available, and ice/snow can prevent work from being completed.  Winter also brings shorter days, which will provide fewer working hours available in each day.  This may cause jobs to take longer.  With all that said, it is possible to have your roof replace this time of the year.  Because less roofs are being completed this time of the year, you will often find more availability and lower demand could lead to some savings.


This is a popular time of the year to plan your Northbrook IL roofing replacement.  Many homeowners use this time to look over their houses and will notice if they need repairs from the winter (especially leaks).  Spring is often slower for contractors, and temps make it a great time for this kind of work.  The biggest challenge can come from early spring snow or rain and thunderstorms disrupting the schedules.


Summer offers warm weather and long days that can make it ideal to schedule roofing work, making it the optimal time to plan the job.  Because of this, contractors will have less availability for schedule jobs.  In recent years, extreme heat has caused delays due to unsafe conditions, and potential adverse effects on materials.


Next to summer, fall is a great option to consider when scheduling your roof replacement.  The weather is usually conducive for the workers and the materials, and you still have long days to complete the work.  This is also a great time to make sure your home is prepared for winter weather.  Fall in the Midwest can bring thunderstorms, and occasionally can bring stretches of heavy rain.  

How To Determine What Is Best For You?

There are several factors to consider when finalizing the schedule for your roofing project.  Each season brings different weather conditions, which can lead to better or worse opportunities for the job.  You will find the availability of the contractors will fluctuate from season to season, which can also impact pricing.  It is also important to know the condition of your roof and the urgency of the repairs.  If you are in urgent need, don’t try to put it off to meet optimal conditions, because a bad roof can cause major problems throughout your home and lead to bigger repairs.

To know when the best time to plan you job, you should work with a trusted contractor for your roofing services. Davis Roofing Companies has been a trusted home exterior company in the Chicagoland area since 1962.  Our experienced staff can help you identify your roofing needs and help you determine the best time to schedule your roofing project.  Call us at (847) 255-1234 for a consultation and to learn more about our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty with every single-family residence project.