Roof Ventilation

Having the correct amount of roof ventilation in Chicago is important to maintain a healthy roof. With the various temperature changes throughout the seasons, our roofs take a beating.

There are many benefits to having the correct roof ventilation. A roof vent that is set-up properly keeps it looking good visually and also adds to its lifespan.

When you think about roof ventilation, you should think of it as the roof’s respiratory system. It helps keep hot air from building up inside the roof.

Proper Roof Ventilation

Condensation can build up inside the roof and cause extreme damage on many levels.

Since winter will be approaching soon, we also need to think about ice dams. Ice dams can seriously damage a roof. Sometimes it is not even noticed until it’s too late.

Heat in a roof is a doubled edged sword. In the summer the heat can build up and make more work for the A/C unit. Because the heat cannot escape, it is radiated inside the home. The more an A/C unit has to cycle between on and off or just seems to run forever will cause the unit to break down faster.

Inadequate ventilation can cause moisture to build up within the attic. This moisture can rot the wood, drywall, insulation and paint. Not to mention it is also a great environment for black mold to form. We all know all the health problems black mold can cause.

Moisture can also cause rust of the metal fasteners. This can include the vents, nails, straps, screws and almost any other type of fastener. The problem with rust forming in the attic is that it is usually not inspected on a regular basis. Therefore not noticed before it needs to be taken care of.

Proper ventilation of the attic assures you that the roof stays healthy and can last for many years to come. Contact or call us for an inspection. Winter is quickly approaching and the time is now to avoid problems in the future. Davis Roofing and Construction, roofing contractor in Bartlett IL, is here to help you prepare yourself for the winter season.