How The Hit Summer Temperatures Can Affect The Roof Of Your Home

We are aware how cold icy conditions can cause issues for your roof, but did you know that the same is true of hot summer weather? Every season can bring its own unique challenges, let’s look at how summer can impact your Wheaton roofing condition.

Summer Risks:

High Temperatures

Heat in the summers can get extreme and can reach over 100 degrees. The materials of your roof can absorb the heat and reach temps exceeding 160 degrees. Prolonged exposure to these elevated temperatures can cause your roofing materials to breakdown.

Thermal Shock

During summer, temperatures from day to night often cycle from hot to cool. The constant changing temperatures cause the shingles to expand and contract. This can lead them to crack or lose integrity leading to further roofing problems.

UV Exposure

We all know that UV can cause sunburns or worse cancer. Your roof can be damaged by UV as well. Long term exposure can make your roof age faster. While your roof is exposed to the sun all year, the longer days of summer lead to higher levels of UV.

High Humidity

In the Midwest, summer often mean more humidity. Higher humidity causes condensation to settle between your shingles. This can lead to water leakage and mold growth. Learn more on how to remove attic mold from your home.


Long-term sun exposure can cause roof colors fade. For most of us, we view roofing colors primarily for aesthetic purposes. However, the roof color helps with regulating the temperature in your house. When the color fades, your roof becomes less efficient, and it doesn’t look as good as when it was firs installed.


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What can you do to protect your roof?

While you cannot control the sun and the temperatures, there are ways you can mitigate the risk or address any issues.

Roof Ventilation

Roof vents are a great way to aid in regulating temperatures, by allowing airflow in the attack/rafter space. This temperature regulation can help protect your roof from the stresses that summer heat may cause.

Strategic Landscaping

Large trees places strategically around your property can offer protections to your roof. The most important thing to keep in mind is that trees can also cause hazards if not place properly around your property.

Solar Panels

One add-on you your house that can provide multiple benefits are solar panels. You will see the obvious benefit on your electric bill, but your roof can benefit as well. The solar panels are affixed atop the roof, which provide shade and absorbs heat instead of your shingles.

Maintenance with a Professional Roofing Contractor

Making sure your roof is in optimum shape is the most crucial. Ignoring any vital roofing repairs can worsen due to summer conditions. Contact Davis Roofing Companies to schedule an inspection or home maintenance. We can meet your Wheaton roofing needs to ensure your roof’s protection from the summer elements. Our contractors will provide you with them best options to beat the summer heat and enjoy your roof for years to come.