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Frost on Your Roof


We all know that our roofs are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the home. Winter is one of the roughest times for damage from frost on your roof.

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Having frost on your roof is not always a good thing. This means that there is not enough heat getting into the attic. On the other hand, melting snow and frost can lead to ice dams forming in your attic. You need to find a healthy balance in order not to cause further damage to your roof.


There are a lot of people that will tell you that you need more insulation. This is not always true. Most often having too much insulation is a bad thing. It can lead to a buildup of moisture. This can cause health problems is mold starts to form.

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Ensuring that the attic has proper ventilation is extremely important especially during the winter. Several problems can arise including:

  • Frost
  • Wood Rot
  • Mold and Moisture
  • Popped Shingles
  • Ice Dams

Having blocked vents will cause serious damage over time. Have your roof inspected regularly.

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Moisture in your attic can lead to many problems. As mentioned before mold can form and lead to respiratory problems. Moisture also causes wood rot and other damage to various parts of the roof.
The best thing to do if you think that there is a problem with your roof, have it inspected by a qualified roofer. Davis Roofing and Construction has over 65 years in the roofing business. Our inspectors are more than qualified to give you recommendations. Take care of your roof before further damage is caused. Call or contact us and we will get your roof back into shape.

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