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Most people do not think about how often their roof should be inspected. Well, it depends on the type of roof you have. There are various types and depending on how our harsh weather treats us is key.

The weather here in Chicago is rough sometimes and depending on what kind of season we have plays a big factor.

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What’s Missing

Even from a street view (or the backyard) take a look at the roof. Does anything look out of place or missing? Does there seem to be shadows under the tiles or shingles? Are some missing? This is definitely a sign to have your roof professionally inspected. Please be careful if you decide to go up on a roof. It is dangerous for someone that is not a professional.

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Don’t Let the Sunlight In

Take a peek up into the attic. Look for traces of light coming in. This could be a sign of having faults in the roof. If you happen to see anything like this, call a qualified roofing company (like Davis Roofing and Construction).

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When you see stains on your roof, you might have a problem brewing. Mold and lichen grow when there is a drainage problem. This could be an underlying problem that might be visible to the untrained eye. Another reason to call out the pros.

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Common Holes

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Up here a lot of us have chimneys and some skylights. Problems can occur in these areas. After all, it is a hole in the roof. Sealants and mortar deteriorate over time. This can lead into big problems in the future. This means an on top of the roof inspection (we talked about going on top of the roof already).

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If there happens to be trees close to the house, you need to check up on that also. Not only can trees rub up against the edges of the roof, they also shed a lot of leaves. When leaves accumulate on the roof the rain and dew does not drain off proper. This leads to the mold and other things that can damage a roof.

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So How Often

Spring and Fall are the best times for a visual inspection of your roof. These season changes are the easiest times to inspect your roof. If you see any of these kinds of problems, call a Professional roofer.

Davis Roofing and Construction have over 35 years in the Chicago area. Call or contact us for a free quote on a full roof inspection. Get a pro to inspect on a regular basis to avoid problems and costly expenses in the future.