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Winter is finally over and now it is time to prepare your roof for Spring. After all the snow it is time to get it ready for the rain and sun. The first thing you will need to do is an inspection of your roof and everything around it.

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In the Gutters


One of the first things you should inspect are the gutters. Snow and ice can really damage the gutters. The ice is heavy and most gutter systems are not equipped to handle the weight. Look for separation from the house or fallen downspouts.

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Clean the Gutters


The gutters can accumulate a lot of things during Winter. Fallen leaves get stuck in the snow. Then when the snow melts it might not drain properly. The gutters should be cleaned out. We always recommend to be careful if you do decide to go up on a ladder, or just get a professional to do it for you.

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Look at the Trees


If you have any trees that are close to the house, make sure they are not touching the roof in any way. Snow and ice can cause fallen branches that you might not be aware of. If there are any branches touching the roof or have a chance of the wind blowing them close, they should be trimmed. Now that you can be outside and properly conduct this inspection, trim them down.

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The Fascia


Ice dams will cause a lot of damage to your roof. At the same time you are inspecting the gutters, this is the perfect time to look at the fascia. Look for separation from the house. If you see separation, then you more than likely have damage to your roof and will need a formal inspection of the roof. When the fascia is damaged, you are more than likely to have leaks when the rain comes.

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Go to the Attic


Go up in the attic. Look for signs of moisture. Remember that water flows downhill. If you see any moisture, puddles or any sign of water you have a problem. Also while you are up there, take a look for signs of light. If you see a filtration of light, then that means that there can possibly be a leak or future leak.
If you are looking for professional help or need a proper inspection, Davis Roofing and Construction is here to help. Call or contact us and we can do a formal inspection of your roof. Remember, preventive maintenance saves money in the future.