Here at Davis Roofing, we are certain that other companies that do the exact same thing we do, are particularly driven to keep their workers safe at any job site. That is excellent and we are very proud of them for doing so. The importance of keeping everyone on the job safe by applying the proper precautions, extends far beyond the legality of the situation. At Davis Roofing we think of all our team members as an extension of our family. No doubt we would like our family members to have the appropriate tools and safety precautions, and for that reason it is extremely important that we share with you the importance of job site safety.

Aside from keeping our client’s property in mint condition, the well-being of all our team members is a top priority. The first step to job site safety is to understand the things what are a hazard and to be ready for all of the conditions that may result in injury. A roof more than likely will put one of our team members at high altitudes and this evidently is a very dangerous aspect of this industry all of its own. Ladders can lose stability and grip, heat can cause one of our team mates to lose balance and consequently fall. Aside from becoming aware of all the things that can go wrong in a job site, the second step to assuring a person’s security is to enforce the safety measures established by the organization. There should always be a person supervising all of the conditions of the site, providing the right materials to perform the tasks, and to grant enough resting time and hydration.

Enforcing these rules, and understanding how important they are, will not only create a positive impact to the customers about your company, but it will also place your team mates in a position in which they truly feel that the company cares for their safety and that they are a very important asset to the organization. Taking care of your employees will reflect greatly on the business, and at the end of the day your employees will take care of the business as well.