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At Davis Roofing & Construction, we are your trusted contractor for professional roofing services in Mount Prospect, IL, and the surrounding communities. Whether you're a homeowner, manage multi-family properties, or run a business, we've got you covered. Give us a call to explore our roofing services with interest-free payment plans and request a free quote!

Does Davis Roofing & Construction Offer Financing?

We understand that many homeowners are now carefully considering their financing options, especially with the rising cost of living. At Davis Roofing & Construction, we take pride in addressing a wide range of frequently asked questions from both our current and prospective customers. Lately, we've noticed that many property owners are inquiring about the financing advantages we offer.

Just like the unpredictable weather in Illinois, the need for roof repairs and replacements can happen suddenly. The Greater Chicagoland area, including Mount Prospect, IL, has seen a significant increase in insurance claims due to extreme weather events. With this surge in claims, homeowners are facing higher deductibles, making roof replacement a more significant expense than it was just a few years ago.

To assist homeowners dealing with increased deductibles and other financial challenges, Davis Roofing & Construction provides a variety of financing options for your roofing projects. We understand that not everyone has the disposable income to cover the upfront costs of a new roof, and we're here to help you secure financing for your roofing needs in Mount Prospect and its neighboring areas.

Affordable Roofing Backed by Flexible Payment Options

Are you uncertain about your payment options for a new roofing in Mount Prospect, IL? Davis Roofing & Construction has the solution! Our goal is to ensure that your property remains protected from the elements, even if you don't have a substantial emergency fund. With our interest-free roofing options, we've partnered with Service Finance Company, LLC - an essential lending source for roof replacement projects!

We recognize that problems arise suddenly, especially with Illinois' unpredictable weather conditions. More often than not , waiting for new roof replacement simply isn't an option. That’s when financing arrangements are the most helpful! By completing the work immediately, it will prevent additional costs and damage to your home caused by prolonged exposure from having a roof in distress.

Planning a roof replacement project may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be when you have an experienced team on your side. For property owners in Mount Prospect, IL, and the surrounding areas, that dependable team is Davis Roofing & Construction. Our dedicated professionals make every step of the roof replacement process a breeze.

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How It Works

Working with an affordable roofing company has never been so easy! Simply fill out our short application form, and we'll take care of the rest. Most applications receive approval within approximately 30 seconds. Once your payment plan is authorized, and all documentation is completed, the only thing left to do is schedule your project. You can count on us for the best roofing customer experience for you and your home.

Competitive Interest Rates & Customized Promotions

  • 12 Months Interest Free Roofing: Zero interest with No Monthly Payments – Just Like Cash.
  • 18 Months: Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payments.
  • 6.99% Interest Rate: No Interest, No payments for the first 3 Months/60-Month Loan Term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: Over 60-Month Loan Term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: Over 120-Month Loan term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: 120-Month Loan Term and No Interest, No Payments for the First 6 Months.

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