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Davis Roofing & Construction is a leading contractor for professional roofing services to homeowners, multi-family properties and businesses in Greater Chicagoland, IL. Give us a call to learn more about our interest free financing options and get a free quote!

Does Davis Roofing Offer Financing?

Many homeowners are looking into their financing options before making a significant purchase due to the increase in the cost of living.

At Davis Roofing, we address a wide range of frequently asked questions from current and prospective customers. Recently, we've discovered that many property owners are curious about the advantages of financing that we offer.

Just like the economy, Illinois' year-round flooding weather is sudden and unpredictable. The number of insurance claims in the Greater Chicagoland area has increased significantly as a result of the growth in extreme weather. Due to the increased number in claims, many homeowners are now facing a hike in their deductibles. As a result, this is making roof replacement more of an expense than it would have been even three years ago.

In order to assist homeowners who are struggling with higher deductibles and other issues brought on by a bad economy, Davis Roofing provides a range of lending options to our customers. We want to assist you in financing the purchase of a new roof since we recognize that not everyone has disposable income to cover the upfront expenses.

Affordable Roofing Backed by Flexible Payment Options

Are you unsure what your financial options are for a new roof? Davis Roofing & Construction has you covered! We want to make sure that your property is protected from the elements, even if you don't have that special "rainy day" fund! With our roof financing options, we have partnered with Service Finance Company, LLC - an essential lending source for roof replacement projects!

We recognize that problems arise suddenly, especially with Illinois' unpredictable weather conditions. More often than not , waiting for new roof replacement simply isn't an option. That’s when financing arrangements are the most helpful! By completing the work immediately, it will prevent additional costs and damage to your home caused by prolonged exposure from having a roof in distress.

Planning a roof replacement can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with an experienced squad on your side! For property owners throughout Chicagoland, that crew is Davis Roofing. Our professionals make every part of the roof replacement process a breeze.

Ready to begin planning? Our team is just a phone call away!

How It Works

Working with an affordable roofing company has never been so easy! Simply fill out our short application form, and we'll take care of the rest. Majority of applications receive approval from us, typically in about 30 seconds or less. The only thing left to do is schedule your project and obtain the best roofing customer experience for you and your home when your payment plan has been authorized and all documentation has been completed.

Competitive Interest Rates & Customized Promotions

  • 12 Months Interest Free Financing: Zero interest with No Monthly Payments – Just Like Cash.
  • 18 Months: Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payments.
  • 6.99% Interest Rate: No Interest, No payments for the first 3 Months/60-Month Loan Term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: Over 60-Month Loan Term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: Over 120-Month Loan term.
  • 9.99% Interest Rate: 120-Month Loan Term and No Interest, No Payments for the First 6 Months.

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